Reformation Tree Fundraiser - Holy Cross Autumn 2018

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Reformation Tree Fundraiser

As part of the Reformation Challenge that was undertaken by the Bay Area, we planted trees at a farm in Brantford.

Some of those trees are now ready to be transplanted to other locations, and they are being offered as part of a fundraiser to help Faith, Brantford complete the work that needs to be done to their roof.

Details are in the PDF file below. You can order your trees by emailing the church office, and bringing in the funds on a Sunday morning, or by singing up on the bulletin board in the narthex.

(A bit of a background on why trees hold a position of importance in Lutheranism.)
So because of the nearness of the end, because of his faith in the world “to come,” Luther is persuaded not to leave this world, not to despise it, but to enter into it all the more fully and take up its concerns and tasks all the more seriously. That also is the reason behind the often-told story about Luther’s answer to the question of what he would do if he thought the world would end tomorrow. He is reputed to have said he would go out in his garden and plant a tree. If God is coming, a man ought to be found living as God intended him to live: taking care of this earth. That, after all, was his charge to the first Adam. The point is that hope in the world to come does not lead us to divide our allegiance between this world and the next. There is no competition between them. On the contrary, since that world is God’s entirely free gift, since it comes by his will alone, we are freed to give ourselves entirely to this world, to set about seeing to it that his will is done “on earth” as it is in heaven.”
Forde, G. O. (1972). Where God Meets Man: Luther’s Down-to-Earth Approach to the Gospel (p. 97). Minneapolis, MN: Augsburg Publishing House.
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